Q: What's going on? Where am I? Video Game Nightmarathon is a charity fundraising event to benefit Prevent Cancer Foundation. We will be trying to beat as many Halloween and horror video games as possible nonstop for 4 days! We'll be streaming the event 24/7 so you can tune in and watch. 100% of proceeds go to Prevent Cancer Foundation to help them fund cancer treatments, prevention, and awareness.

Q: Who are you guys? We are seasoned video game geeks, game devs, e-sports competitors, stream monsters, and friends. We are streaming out of the greater Seattle area, but a few of us are coming from the East Coast to participate. We aren't affiliated with any company or organization.

Q: What games are you going to play? Our full schedule can be found on the Games page. You can donate towards specific games to unlock challenges like playing the game on harder difficulties, choices like character names or which campaign we'll play, and also to enter yourself into prize raffles.

Q: Why aren't you playing ________? We created our game list largely based on suggestions from our viewers last year. Unfortunately, our game list for 2013 has been locked in and we've already begun practicing them. If you would like to see a specific game for next year's Nightmarathon, be sure to let us know on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

Q: What can I do to help out? Great question! What we really need is simply for you to spread awareness of our event. Send some emails to your favorite news sites or blogs! Post the event up in your favorite forums! Link to us on social media! Tell your friends, family, & coworkers about it! And hey, why not make a donation while you're at it? You can also help us by just watching and talking to us on the chat! Help us keep the energy high and the donations flowing!

Also, if you'd like to sponsor us by donating any cool prizes for us to give away to donors, feel free to message us on our Twitter or Facebook pages! Think cool gaming or horror swag, rare collectible items, or homemade arts and crafts!

Q: Are you taking part of the donations? Nope. We are not even handling your donations. Every penny you donate will go directly to Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Q: How do the donations work, exactly? When you click our Donate button, you will be directed to the our custom donation page. Here we can take your name, comments, and donation total so that we can track how much money we're raising and give you your due acknowledgement! From there, your payment will go directly to Prevent Cancer Foundation's PayPal account. We do not handle any of your donation money, and 100% of it goes directly to the charity.

Q: Are my donations tax deductible? Yes, Prevent Cancer Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization. Their Federal Tax ID number (also known as an EIN, Employer Identification Number) is 52-1429544

Q: Do you have a Facebook or Twitter? Of course! Visit our Facebook page and our Twitter account! We depend on you to post links to our event to keep donations going!

Q: Is this a family-friendly stream? Most of the stream content is likely to be PG-13 rated. However, a few of the games we will be playing are rated M by the ESRB for violence and gore, so please watch at your own discretion.

Q: How can I win some prizes? We will be having drawings, fan art contests, trivia contests, and something we're calling an "auction tournament" to give out tons of awesome prizes all weekend long. you are also entered into prize drawings for donating towards specific games! Check out the detailed rules on our Events page.

Q: Will you guys be using cheats or save states? Nope. We are allowing ourselves to use normal game saves and continues only. No cheats, hacks, or save states.

Q: This is a cool idea! Where did you come up with this? Charity gaming streams have been around for years now, and have successfully raised millions of dollars for noble causes. We are big fans of gaming marathons like Mario Marathon and Awesome Games Done Quick. They inspired us to get involved and help give back a little.

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For more information regarding Video Game Nightmarathon, please contact Ryan at support@nightmarathon.net